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We foresee the unprecedented transformation of the human monetary system. As the innovation leader in Tokenisation and FinTech, we are dedicated to driving the inclusiveness and development of next-generation global financial systems.

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Ample FinTech targets next-generation financial infrastructure, focusing on tokenisation solutions for trusted credentials, privacy and programmable payments, and supply chain finance in cross-border trade and inclusive finance. Our solutions streamline processes, reduce transaction costs, and enhance efficiency, all while committing to regulatory compliance.

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Our Solutions

Discover our advanced financial solutions, specifically designed for MSMEs in developing countries, featuring trusted credential management for inclusive financial access, privacy and programmable payment solutions for affordability, and tokenised supply chain finance for faster liquidity.

Programmable Payment
Our solution revolutionises programmable digital currencies and payments with the Purpose Bound Money (PBM) protocol and ERC-3525 standard, automating secure transactions and enhancing escrow for broader adoption, ensuring funds are utilised as intended through conditional payment setups. Its programmability allows businesses and individuals to create programmable payment logic on their own without relying on third parties. The solution has broader use cases in global trade, including Letters of Credit.
Tokenised invoice
Our solution utilises the ERC-3525 standard to help both parties in a trade generate tokenized invoices after reaching an agreement. This process creates tokens representing accounts receivable and payable, embodying their respective rights. These tokens are programmable, allowing for splitting, combining, and structuring, as well as enabling automatic cash flow distribution. This programmability meets various needs, from suppliers seeking financing liquidity to investors looking for diverse risk assets.
Tokenised Trusted Credentials Management Platform
Our solution leverages the UNDP Universal Trusted Credential (UTC) and W3C VC/DID to create a trusted digital credential platform for managing and tokenising creditworthiness profiles. This platform ensures accessible, enhances affordable, and derisks financing for MSMEs by utilising standardised and verified data.
Compliance and Privacy Payment
Our ZKP-based solution offers private payments, leveraging the latest STARK technology for fast proof generation, reducing costs and maximising efficiency. With secure zkWallet storage and digital invoices and receipts, the solution ensures regulatory compliance from the start.
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Project DESFT

Project DESFT (Digital Economy Semi-Fungible Token) is a central bank pilot initiative backed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Bank of Ghana (BOG). Its goal is to empower MSMEs to engage more effectively in international trade and cross-border payments. This is achieved through a trusted credential system and programmable payment technology, fostering inclusive finance. Project DESFT is conceptualised and led by Ample FinTech.

2023 June

Project Launched

The project is supported by MAS and BOG

2023 November

Phase I completed

The Trusted Credential Network was showcased at the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF)

2024 MAY

Phase II completed

A pilot cross-border trade using Singapore stablecoin and Ghana’s CBDC succeeded

2024 July

Phase III started

The project will explore the interoperability among multiple digital currencies, as well as the supply chain finance automation

Latest News

12 Jun 2024
BOG Announces Successful Completion Of Cross-Border Trade Using Digital Credentials

BoG in collaboration with MAS has successfully completed the first POC under Project DESFT which demonstrated the use of digital credentials for international trade and cross-border payment.

17 May 2024
Ghana Completes First POC in Project DESFT, Paving Way for Digital Cross-Border Trade

BOG, in partnership with MAS, successfully completed the first POC for Project DESFT, which aimed to enhance digital cross-border trade using the 'eCedi' and a Singaporean stablecoin. Announced by Kwame Oppong at the 3i Summit, this milestone marks a significant advancement in establishing a secure, digital trade environment between Ghana and Singapore, potentially transforming Ghana's payment ecosystem and supporting MSMEs in international transactions.

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" Our goal is empowering digital economy with innovative tokenisation solutions. "
Haisheng Zhang
CPO of Ample FinTech