Shaping the Next-Gen of Financial Infrastructure with Blockchain

We foresee the unprecedented transformation of the human monetary system. As the innovation leader in blockchain and FinTech, we are dedicated to driving the inclusiveness and development of next-generation global financial systems.

About Us

Ample FinTech targets next-generation financial infrastructure, focusing on blockchain solutions for trusted credentials, privacy and programmable payments, and supply chain finance in cross-border trade and inclusive finance. Our solutions streamline processes, reduce transaction costs, and enhance efficiency, all while committing to regulatory compliance.

Programmable Payment

Inclusive Finance

Trusted Credentials

Supply Chain Finance

Our Solutions

Discover our advanced financial solutions, specifically designed for MSMEs in developing countries, featuring trusted credential management for inclusive financial access, privacy and programmable payment solutions for affordability, and tokenised supply chain finance for faster liquidity.

Programmable Payment

Our solutions revolutionise programmable digital currencies and payments with the Purpose Bound Money (PBM) protocol and ERC-3525 standard, automating secure transactions and enhancing escrow for broader adoption. Programmability streamlines international trade and protects the rights and interests of MSMEs.

Compliance and Privacy Payment

Our ZKP-based solution offers private payments, leveraging the latest STARK technology for fast proof generation, reducing costs and maximising efficiency. With secure zkWallet storage and digital invoices and receipts, the solution ensures regulatory compliance from the start.

Trusted Credential Management

Our solution leverages the Universal Trusted Credential (UTC) and W3C VC/DID to create a trusted digital credential platform for managing and tokenising creditworthiness profiles. This platform ensures accessible, enhances affordable, and derisks financing for MSMEs by utilising standardised and verified data.

Supply Chain Finance

Our solution leverages the ERC-3525 standard to facilitate the tokenisation, securitisation, and structuring of financial instruments, and processes like pooling and tranching. This programmability caters multiple needs, from suppliers seeking quick liquidity to investors seeking various risk assets.

Case Studies

Explore our successful collaborations with MAS and BOG in promoting inclusive finance. We enhance global protocols like PBM and UTC using blockchain, smart contracts, ERC-3525, and W3C VC/DID technologies to optimise and advance financial solutions.

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